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‘Hi, I am Timo Topp, ‘Topp’ Fitness Coach, Author and Speaker. It is my mission and passion to help people – like you – enjoy a better quality of life through improved fitness and wellness so you can Look, Feel and Live – Better!’

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20 + Years experience delivering 15,000 hours of coaching in 3 countries

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My Story: From Shy Pear-Shaped Kid to ‘Topp’ Fitness Expert

The beginning…

The air was cold, the sky was grey and the drizzle relentless. Another fun day playing rugby at school in England.

This was it. This was my time to shine.

A pivotal moment lay ahead. No longer would I be unseen and feel inadequate. The captain of the school rugby team was thundering towards me. If I could tackle him, I would rise in my peers estimations. No longer would I be left aside, no longer invisible to all the cool kids. I prepared myself as he steamed towards me like a freight train. This was it. ‘I’m going to tackle him and redeem myself, from zero to hero. The next thing I remember, I was staring at the grey sky, flat on my back. He just steam rolled right over me, like I wasn’t even there. No redeeming moment of fame or glory. I had been well and truly flattened!

‘That’s’ it, I have had enough’.

I never would have imagined the journey that lay ahead. It was a journey starting with body, moving to mind and then to soul. It took me from a ‘quiet pear shaped kid’ to fitness coach, author and speaker with a passion to help and inspire others to enjoy a better quality of life.

This is my story and how it turned my life around and ultimately overcame my greatest challenge.

Why work with me

Whether you are a person or a company you will receive:

Proven, tried and tested methods that deliver results

A truly personalised and progressive experience to meet your needs and goals

A real approach to help busy people make feasible changes to their lifestyle

A fun and down to earth guy you will like and trust (I hope!)

‘Achieving my Goals and Dreams
Everest Base Camp Trek
May 2017’

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It would be my sincere honour and pleasure to help ‘You’ or your company Look, Feel and Live – Better!