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Get Real: The Real Deal on Getting in Shape and Staying there!

The world is full of quick fix, fad diets and exercise programs to get in shape and lose weight that are hard to stick to, don’t work or don’t last. GET REAL offers a down to earth approach that is Simple, Feasible and Effective. It will help you to get in shape and enjoy a healthy life!

I’ve met hundreds of trainers in my time on Men’s Health magazine and Timo is the best. His book is full of infections motivational enthusiasm and Topp Tips’

Dan Rookwood former Men’s Health Editor and Fitness journalist


GET REAL is a clear, concise and fresh approach to getting in shape and enjoying a healthier life…

GET REAL is truly unique approach to health, fitness and weight loss because it contains no diets, healthy eating recipes or workouts! Instead you will be educated and inspired to truly understand how to be healthy, eat well and exercise effectively. Plus it goes way beyond diet and exercise to look at the psychology of success, the basics of health, stress, the importance of living a chemical free life and conscious awareness.

GET REAL contains 7 ‘workouts’ (chapters) that cover:

Workout One: Principles of Success

Workout Two: Mastering the Basics

Workout Three: Eating Made Really Really Simple

Workout Four: Move More, Live More

Workout Five: Stop, Revive, Survive

Workout Six: Live Clean and Chemical Free

Workout Seven: Live Consciously

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