I help people exceed their goals, not just achieve them! From weight loss to rehabilitation, climbing mountains to running marathons, preparing for child birth to getting back in shape after or looking fabulous on your wedding day! Here is a selection of inspiring success stories…

Be a cover model

‘Having been the editor of Men’s Health magazine   I have trained with a lot of trainers, Timo is the Best! That’s me on  this month’s cover’

∼  Dan Rookwood ∼

‘Feel like a machine’

Six months ago, I was 94kgs and set myself a target to lose 10kgs. I struggled through the first few sessions and realised I was more unfit than I thought. Since then, thanks to Timo’s overwhelming positive encouragement and support my attitude to health and fitness has completely changed.  I am now at the six month mark and the results are amazing compared to the start.  The 10kgs have gone, I’m 10cms thinner around the waist and thoroughly enjoying buying new clothes that fit properly. I feel proud of myself for what I have achieved and I love feeling great again. I am now living a fantastic life and I am even more excited about the future.

∼  David, sales and marketing manager Kimberly Clark ∼

Wedding Dress Workout

I wanted be as slim as possible for my wedding day! When the big day came I was very happy with how I looked. Not only did I get in shape and tone those important arms, I also now feel more energised, healthier and happier. I enjoyed the variety of the training and the focus on form and core. I also appreciated the support and motivation for my own exercise and eating. My fiancé came to the training with me to also get in shape for the wedding and he added muscle and lost belly fat, so he was very happy too. Timo is a friendly, energetic and dedicated trainer. I am extremely happy with the training and the results. I’d recommend Timo for your wedding dress workout!

∼  Chanelle and James, April 2016 ∼

‘Timo is truly dedicated to helping people find their inner inspiration. I can’t hold him in higher regard’

∼  Matt Young, Nine to Five Magazine ∼

Longest run of my Life

Thanks to Timo’s training I lost 15kg in 6 months and I did my first City to Surf in 66 minutes, the longest  run of my life!

∼ Oliver 2009 ∼

‘I got 14 years of my life back’

I have regained 14 years of my life! That’s what my biological age dropped by between annual medicals! Before I started with Timo, my life was typically lop sided – I have a stressful job, work hard, long hours and I was seriously overweight. Timo helped me lose weight, regain health and enhance my ability to cope. Timo has a unique approach to health and makes it very realistic in the very busy schedule I lead. He is supportive, enthusiastic, committed and gets results.

∼  Peter, senior partner Gilbert and Tobin ∼

Climb any mountain

I took up the challenge to climb Mt Kilimanjaro for my 50th birthday a true mean feat considering I was unfit and could barely run more than ten minutes! Timo put together the perfect step-by-step program and my fitness zoomed. By the time I left for Africa, I felt unstoppable. I certainly was grateful for the comprehensive preparation at the Summit 5681m above sea level, exhausted, but extremely satisfied.

∼ Paul Phillips ∼

‘I started with the goal to improve my fitness but you got me to achieve something I never imagined I could do’

∼  Daphne after running her first ever City to Surf ∼

Back in shape after baby

I’ve lost 8 kilos and got back into my pre-pregnancy jeans and I have more energy even with all those late nights with bub. Thanks Timo.

∼ Busy Mum, Chloe ∼

Results not just promises

I have been a member of 3 gyms and heard a lot of talk about results but never saw any. Timo’s programs balances fun with the serious idea of actually getting results. I was so not into exercise before but now I can’t do without it. Timo has made me realise it’s more than about weight loss, it’s about health and a better quality of life and he’s right! Oh and by the way I’ve lost 10kgs which is why I started.

∼  Scott Lawrie, Company Director ∼